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TRANSFERRED OVER A POSTER: It's not only unfair, it's silly - Dyana slams revengeful Education ministry

TRANSFERRED OVER A POSTER: It's not only unfair, it's silly - Dyana slams revengeful Education ministry
Malaysiakini recently reported that a teacher who posted my campaign poster during the Teluk Intan By-election on her Facebook page has been transferred to a school that is further away from where she lives compared to her current school. As the transfer order is mandatory, the teacher in question is not allowed to appeal.
This act of punishing a teacher who has given 16 years of service and who is also a single mother is despicable, what more when she was simply exercising her rights as a citizen to share her interest in current Malaysian politics on her personal Facebook page.
When asked, Federal Territories Minister Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan commented that teachers involved in politics should leave political matters outside the school-gate. This is despite the fact that the ban on teachers’ involvement in politics was lifted in 2010.
In any case, such a rule does not even apply in this case, as posting a poster on a personal Facebook page is certainly not akin to bringing politics inside the school-gate. As such, the mandatory transfer order to the single-mother teacher just days before Aidilfitri is totally uncalled for and should be rescinded immediately.
This incident once again brings to attention the constant interference of the Education Ministry in the personal affairs of teachers. Aren’t teachers also citizens who enjoy the right to decide and think for themselves, especially within their own personal space?
Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan
If educators are not allowed to think for themselves and express their views and opinions, then how are they supposed to nurture critically minded children? How are we to develop the required human capital to face the challenges of the future when the Education Ministry is only intent on creating robots that turut perintah.
Instead of monitoring teachers’ personal Facebook pages, the Ministry should focus on teacher training, capacity building, and investing in the future of our schoolchildren.
Dyana Sofya is a political secretary for Member of Parliament Lim Kit Siang.

‘Unmitigated disaster’ looms for PKR

COMMENT With him digging his heels in for the long haul, Pakatan Rakyat will discover that the remaining time on Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim’s watch may well turn out as Chandra Muzaffar predicted an Anwar Ibrahim premiership would: an “unmitigated disaster.”

That apocalyptic prediction, aired with days to go before General Election 12 (GE12) in March 2008, made the flesh of the then rapidly coalescing opposition to Umno-BN creep horribly.

Never mind that the former deputy president of PKR’s precursor, Parti Keadilan Nasional, had quit -- in circumstances more to do with ego than with principle – after a few years of residence in the party he had helped found in 1999.

Never mind that his leaving had strengthened the reputed theory that intellectuals tend to be more bane than boon to a fledgling political party.   

When Chandra (left) regressed to the extent of his truculent denigration of the moving force behind the reformasi movement on the eve of what was seen as a pivotal decision by the Malaysian electorate, his renunciation rankled like a case of apostasy of a prominent follower would in a Muslim community.

Several years down the road from its airing, Chandra’s dire prognostication of how an Anwar premiership would turn out is being played out in the saga of Khalid Ibrahim’s MB-ship of Selangor.

In the last few weeks, even as it has become increasingly evident that Khalid has crossed the Rubicon in terms of some kind of accommodation with his own party with respect to his MB-ship, the notion that forces beyond Pakatan’s ability to manage are at work to help Khalid keep his job has become a suppurating wound in its flanks.

The wound has to be cauterized

The longer it lies exposed to the elements that are out to undermine Pakatan so as to gain Umno-BN a return to power in the richest state in Malaysia, the more certain it will be that the 51.87% of the national electorate that voted Pakatan in May last year would not be encouraged to re-endorse the coalition at GE14, at least not the PKR and the PAS components of it.

At this juncture, both parties appear decidedly unreliable as trustees of the cause of political and economic reform of the country that the reformasi movement, galvanized by Anwar Ibrahim’s travails, had raised hopes for.

PAS’s insistence on implementing hudud in Kelantan and Anwar’s (right) seeming ineptitude vis-à-vis internecine feuding in PKR have combined to erode confidence in the two Pakatan components.

Only the DAP, in the tripartite Pakatan, appears steadily adherent to prior agreed goals of the coalition; by comparison, PAS and PKR are flaky.       

Seeing as voters had how easily a PKR appointee as MB can turn out to be a quisling and keeping in mind that the top ranks of the party are riddled with former Umno types cannot be very encouraging to voters who had cottoned on to the idea that Umno-BN’s more than half-century rule had decayed irredeemably.      

Khalid has to be jettisoned if the Pakatan government in Selangor is to renew its claims to the allegiance of those who voted for it in 2008 and 2013.

But the signs are that Khalid has dug in for the long haul.

He has done so in the belief he has the support of not only Umno-BN, but also some quarters of Pakatan component PAS.

The latest indications of support for Khalid emanating from PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang tends to confirm that PAS has learned nothing from its troubles in Kedah in the 2010-12 spell when their MB, Azizan Abdul Razak, was under pressure from within the party’s ranks to quit.

Hadi and company declined to give an incompetent MB the coup de grace just like how they are refusing now to cashier Khalid.

The upshot: Kedah was lost to Umno-BN, with five parliamentary seats – three held by PAS and two by PKR – reverting to Umno.

The longer Khalid is allowed to thumb his nose at the forces within Pakatan that want him out, the more certain it is that recriminations will mount in the PKR quarter at least, which would prompt critics from among that lot to muse on the magnitude of the misjudgment that has seen a man like Khalid morph into what he has become: a fifth columnist in PKR’s ranks.

Early signs of political ineptitude

To be sure, Khalid had shown troubling signs of a political ineptitude on the very morning after Pakatan captured power in Selangor on 8 March 2008.

He began discussing with Dr Hassan Ali, the then PAS chief in Selangor, the possibility of that man becoming deputy to him as MB.

What was egregious about that move was that Hassan had the previous night been in negotiations with Khir Toyo, the Umno-BN MB unseated by the Pakatan win in Selangor.

The negotiations, premised on an Umno-PAS unity government for Selangor, broke down over Hassan’s insistence on being the MB-designate.

A man of vaulting and dangerously unmanageable ambition, Hassan would go on to create a lot of tension in the Pakatan government in Selangor until PAS put an end to his dissidence by sacking him in January 2009.

Khalid had no clue on how to bring to heel a person whose vaulting ambition he had unwittingly spurred.

Anwar has a clue on how to dispose of Khalid, but it appears he can’t get PAS to sign on.

If PAS cannot be persuaded to endorse the removal of Khalid, then the leader who was the principal adhesive in the, hitherto, improbable coalition between secular DAP and theocratic PAS will have been gravely undermined by one from his own quarter. The irony is too bitter for comment.

It will seem for far too often in his career such that one can draw a damaging inference that Anwar can’t quite tell friend from enemy.

There is a reason why he can’t; let’s leave that for another time.
Suffice the flaw is of the gravest magnitude.

Haze at unhealthy levels in Sibu

The quality of air in Sibu, Sarawak, was at an unhealthy level as at 7 am today, according to the Department of Environment (DoE).    

The Air Pollutant Index (API) for the town was 103, said the DoE portal.   

It also said that moderate air quality with an API of over 90 was recorded for Seri Manjung in Perak (99), Port Klang in Selangor (96) and Cheras in Kuala Lumpur (93).   

The API in 40 other areas was also moderate while it was good in 10 areas, according to the portal.   

An API reading of between zero and 50 indicates good air quality; between 51 and 100, moderate; between 101 and 200, unhealthy; between 201 and 300, very unhealthy and over 301, hazardous.   

Members of the public can refer to the DOE portal athttp://www.doe.gov.my to find out the API reading for their areas.    


Hati2 Bila Anda Upload Gambar Anda Di Facebook. Jangan Jadi Mangsa Seperti Gadis Ini

BAGAIMANA jika anda melihat foto seorang gadis cantik di laman sosial yang dikatakan sedang mencari pasangan hidup termasuk penjelasan berkenaan nilai hantaran yang jumlahnya tinggi dan tak masuk akal?
Di sebuah laman Facebook dikenali sebagai Agensi Pencari Jodoh memuatnaik gambar seorang gadis dengan menjelaskan beberapa karakter diri gadis berkenaan sebelum memaklumkan nilai hantarannya ialah RM160,000.

Jika dilihat daripada nilai wang hantaran berkenaan memang dilihat tidak logik dan tidak boleh diterima akal kerana ianya terlalu tinggi.

Mengesyaki sesuatu yang tidak kena dengan laman Facebook berkenaan, penulis melakukan pemeriksaan lanjut mendapati beberapa lagi gambar gadis dan wanita lain dengan meletakkan wang hantaran yang nilainya tidak munasabah.

Selain itu, pemeriksaan mendapati laman berkenaan seperti sebuah ruang yang mengambil kesempatan ke atas gambar gadis jelita di laman sosial sebelum disebarkan untuk tatapan umum atas alasan pencarian jodoh.

Bukan sahaja gambar gadis berkenaan telah disalahgunakan, banyak lagi gambar terutamanya mereka yang mempunyai susuk tubuh yang menarik akan menjadi mangsa laman Facebook itu.

Daripada beberapa komen yang diterima laman berkenaan, sebahagian besar daripada pengguna Facebook yang mengikuti posting mereka dilihat mengecam tindakan pengendali memuatnaik gambar gadis-gadis terutamanya bangsa Melayu.

" Mereka Berdua Inilah Yang Menggegarkan Dunia Politik Tanah Air Kita "

Ada yang menghina dan mengutuk mereka, begitu juga sebaliknya ada ramai juga yang menyokong perjuangan mereka. Mereka berdua inilah yang telah memecahkan tradisi apabila menjadi wanita melayu yang memasuki era politik di bawah tiket parti DAP.

Ada yang mengatakan mereka akan merosakkan bangsa melayu, ada yang mengatakan mereka ini melayu bangsat. UMNO sememangnya tidak pernah puas. Jika sebelum ini DAP dikatakan sebagai parti perkauman kerana hanya ada kaum Cina di dalamnya.

Tetapi bila DAP mula membuka ruangnya untuk golongan melayu, UMNO jugalah yang meroyan sakan. Inilah sifat sebenarnya parti UMNO yang penuh dengan kepura-puraan.

Gambar2 Najib Bayar Zakat Fitrah.

Rupa-rupanya tiap2 tahun rakyat Malaysia dianggap jakon nak mampos. Sapa tengok berita tv3 semalam?

- Tiap2 tahun berita akan melaporkan Najib bayar zakat fitrah.

- Tiap2 tahun jurukamera, berita dan semua station berita akan melaporkan, mengambil gambar dan merakam aksi Najib membayar zakat fitah.

- Tiap2 tahun Najib tak boleh bayar zakat fitrah secara low profile dan relax2 aje.

- Tiap2 tahun nak bagi kecoh satu Malaysia bahawa dia g bayar zakat fitrah.

- Tiap2 tahun tv3 masuk kan dalam Buletin Utama dan lapor lebih kurang dalam 3-5 minit sambil zoom muka Najib dekat2 nak bagitau yang dia dah bayar zakat fitrah.


Bayar sendiri2. Relax2. Lepak2. Simple2. Low profile tak boleh ke Najib? Tahu ko tue PM Malaysia tapi tak semua benda ko patut tonjolkan secara over2. Ada sesetengah benda kalau berita tak lapor pun lagi bagus dari berita laporkan tahu tak?

Ada ke benda bangang macam neh pun mendapat liputan meluas? Pemberitaan yang rosak. Hancur. Gila. Bangang.


Is Allah angry with Malaysia Airlines? Is Allah angry with PAS that it has never been able to win GEs & rule Malaysia?

Is Allah angry with Malaysia Airlines? Is Allah angry with PAS that it has never been able to win GEs & rule M'sia?
I don't know.
But it is too insensitive for that PAS member to say this, without looking at the complexities of events, cause and effect, consequences, karma, Chaos Theory, interplay between fate and determinism, comparative aspects of right and wrong, pragmatism, and a range of other considerations especially when it comes to linking ‘divine retribution in Islam’ vis-a-viz good vs evil.
Too simple, simplistic, and irresponsible of a statement to make. It also begs the question of a ‘Just God’. Here is why as I have always pondered upon the question of ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, and I address this question to the questioner from that ‘Islamic’ party :
- Was Allah angry at the Muslims and PAS in the case of the murder at Memali, back in the mid 1980s?
- Is Allah angry at PAS that it has never been able to take over the rule of the government of Malaysia?
- Was Allah angry at the family of the Prophet that led to the massacre at Karbala in which the bloody murder became a womb to the current chaos and mayhem in the Islamic world?
- Was Allah angry at the Muslims in Middle East that the Islamic countries are now, one after the other humiliated and destroyed by ‘kaffir forces’ that continue to win the war on terror?
- Is Allah angry at the Palestinians that it has never been able to get out of its misery although the world has its sympathy, and that Allah has been on the side of the Israelis?
- Is Allah also angry at all the airlines in the world that serve alcohol? Or - is alcohol okay to be consumed according to other religions, as long as it is done so in moderation?
I seriously don't know the answer but I would like any member of PAS to answer these questions.
Otherwise, my continuing sympathy to family members of all those that lost their lives - be they Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists or pagans.
PAS becoming a party of 'bomohs'
It is not time to hurt others more that one ideologically should. Besides, didn’t Islam, even PAS preachers, talk about “wisdom/fatanah” in sending messages of peace; that there such an idea called siddiq-amanah-tabligh-fatanah - that one whose wishes to spread the truth must first embody it (siddiq), keep it as an eternal trust (amanah), educate one’s self first (tabligh) and if one is confident that one's little learning is not dangerous, one can share with family members with utmost wisdom (fatanah).
And is that not what Muslims too believe that these four phases are also the basis of Muhammad’s character?
Think. Think hard. Think deep. I am sure party members as such are well-versed in basic Islamic matters.
I don't know ....
I seriously don't know ...
but do explain please
or if one prefers, be silent
and be respectful
better still, console the grieving
that will be the most ‘Islamic’ thing to do.
Why MH17 was torpedoed down
Because it went into rebel airspace and the rebels were shooting airplanes and by chance it was a Malaysian airplane...
That is why.
That is as scientific an explanation as we can get.
Living with realism
Sometimes we have to live with realism and that there is no religious or metaphysical explanation to phenomena. we need to stop the blame game or the temptation to provide a ‘holier-than-thou’ explanation that this or that is a ‘curse’ or a form of retribution or worse because “alcohol was served in this or that airplane”.
We need to wish well; that those who lost their lives had given their best to society, their family, and themselves to make this a better world as what their religion teaches. We need to believe that each will be in eternal peace in each one's own paradise according to the paradise described by each faith, if you may... just as no one religion is truer than another.
We can never feel that pain of those who lost their loved ones
We need then to move on and make sure that those left grieving are well-comforted, and that those working hard in Malaysia Airlines need to be consoled and congratulated for consistently doing a world-class job in the industry.
It is an inexplicably sad day for the nation and for those in the nations who lost their loved ones, too. It is time to heal and to work, in our own way, for peace - beginning with peace within ourselves. Each child, each young man and woman, need to be shown what peace looks like and what patience and perseverance can do. In a world plagued with war and violence, peace should be the agenda for education of nations.
Each Man must tame the Evil within and bring out the Good - a challenging first step in our understanding of the world we have created; a world of the Master and the Slave, the Victim and the Victimiser.
There is so much chaos going on in this world that each one of us needs to calm down and ask ourselves what kind of world do we wish to create, beginning with the inner world we inhabit, and each one of us is given a certain time period to prove our humane-ness and to contribute to what humanisation ought to mean.
As for those who believe that Allah is angry at Malaysia Airlines, it is their choice to believe - that an Evil and Ever-destructive God is triumphing over the Merciful and the Compassionate One. And that there is no human agency involved via intervention. Hard to sell this idea to those Communist Russians or Ukrainians. - http://azlyrahman-illuminations.blogspot.com/