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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Yin: The reason why I am still making the case against Mahathir Mohamad as PM (even interim PM) is that Pakatan Harapan (PH) has NOT decided on who the interim PM will be.
According to Ahmad Martadha Mohammed, an associate professor at Universiti Utara Malaysia, while Mahathir has portrayed himself as numero uno, others disagree, saying that Wan Azizah is the number one in the coalition. Lim Guan Eng has been reported as saying “We have certain names in mind but it’s something to be decided later. It’s a question of strategy.”
So you have it, it is not a fait accompli that Mahathir will be interim PM – there are other candidates.
What is also encouraging is, “Pakatan Harapan plans to seek a royal pardon for jailed de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim if it wins,” according to the article.
This being the case, those who do not want Mahathir should make it known in the media and to PH their feelings about Mahathir.
Probably one reason why the PM position has not been decided, is that PH is trying to gauge the public’s mood on this issue.
According to the article (Bloomberg, 4 August 2017) “it is unclear how much voter support he (Mahathir) can garner”. So Mahathir’s involvement is not a guarantee it can garner the votes.
I can confidently say no one wants Mahathir if they have a choice. The only reason some have agreed to have him is that they feel they need him to topple Najib.
Yes, we should not exclude Mahathir in this fight but we don’t have to hand him the premiership!
If Mahathir is told he won’t be the interim PM, what do you think he can do? He has burned his bridges with Najib Abdul Razak, and as long as Najib is President of UMNO there is no way Mahathir can return. So the only way Mahathir can stay relevant is to be in the Opposition as a member of PH.
It is PH that has given Mahathir relevance not the other way round, many have forgotten that. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) was getting nowhere until it joined PH.
Will Mahathir withdraw from PH (because he is not given the premiership)? No, he won’t because he has a vendetta against Najib.
Lim Kit Siang has invited NGOs to help PH frame the reform agenda. How will this sit with PM Mahathir?
Mahathir/PPBM is gungho on Malay Nationalism, in other words the same race politics he has been playing for 30+ years. On the other hand Anwar/PKR is for a race free affirmative action. And DAP is for a Malaysian Malaysia. This spells trouble in the future. And if Mahathir is the interim PM might he not push the same agenda, against his partners and this will inevitably lead to friction in the coalition at a time when it needs stability.
We all have seen how “interim” has a funny way of being temporary indefinitely. Once PM, Mahathir will not give up the position easily or willingly. Attempts to do so will cause the breakup of PH. And with the balance of power in parliament expected to be slim, can PH afford to take the risk? Can we?
It is not about “hating Mahathir”, or about “forgiveness”;  the country’s future is too precious to let personal feelings get in the way. It is about whether Malaysians can trust Mahathir – someone with a track record of saying one thing and doing another. On the evidence, no objective person will trust the man.
“Idealism is a luxury we cannot afford when the house is on fire”. How true!
Those bleeding hearts who think that an old man of 92, should be given a chance to make amends before he meets his maker, is living in an idealistic romantic dream world.
We cannot afford the luxury of our “idealism” (another word is“naivety”) of trusting a serial offender like Mahathir again. He started the fire, and this time he might just burn the house down.
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IT is premature for PAS to think it can be the kingmaker in the next general election as the Islamist party will most likely be the “puppet” or “suicide bomber” in three-cornered fights, said Husam Musa.
“At best, PAS will get only three to five parliamentary seats. How to be the kingmaker?” said the Amanah vice-president at the party’s Perak convention today.
“In three-cornered fights, PAS will only act as a ‘suicide bomber’  ,” he said, adding that PAS’ role would only be that of a spoiler.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com


MORE boo-boos over the wrong use of flags of countries competing in the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games have come to light, just as Putrajaya apologised over a misprinted Indonesian flag in a souvenir programme.
The hashtag #ShameOnYouMalaysia was trending on Twitter today as Indonesians vented their anger over their flag being printed upside-down in the souvenir programme distributed to VIPs during the opening of the SEA Games yesterday.
Even as that incident festers, fresh allegations of gaffes in a newspaper and on a digital scoreboard are now making the rounds, propelled by the #ShameOnYouMalaysia hashtag.
The wrong flag of Brunei was used on the digital scoreboard during the synchronised swimming duet event on Friday at the Aquatic centre in Bukit Jalil.
Instead of the national flag of Brunei, Twitter users pointed out, the armed forces flag of the sultanate was used, which has an extra red stripe running diagonally across the centre.
It is unknown if Brunei officials have lodged an official protest over the use of the wrong flag.
Earlier, Indonesian Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi tweeted a picture of the offending page in the SEA Games souvenir book, and said it was “very painful”.
Malaysia has apologised to the Indonesian government, and the republic’s president, Joko Widodo, has called on his people not to dwell on the matter.
Indonesian netizens, still smarting from their upside-down flag printed in the official progamme book, were inflamed again when a newspaper’s SEA Games graphic centrespread was found to contain the same mistake.
CNN Indonesia reported that Metro Ahad had yet to comment on the mistake.
Metro Ahad's SEA Games graphic centrespread was found to have printed the Indonesian flag upside-down. – Twitter pic, August 20, 2017.
Metro Ahad’s SEA Games graphic centrespread was found to have printed the Indonesian flag upside-down. – Twitter pic, August 20, 2017.
Ties between Malaysia and Indonesia are generally cordial, but occasional perceived slights or when  cases of an Indonesian maid being abused by a Malaysian employer come to light, passions in the republic flare up.
In the past, Indonesian media had accused Malaysia of appropriating cultural icons they claim to be exclusive to Indonesia, such as rendang, batik, nasi goreng and the song rasa sayang.
In 2009, Indonesia’s tourism minister demanded an explanation from Malaysia after a furore over a television advertisement with the theme “Enigmatic Malaysia” featured a Balinese dance.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/


PERKASA president Dr Ibrahim Ali has claimed the “king of racists” title, saying such insults only make the Malay rights group stronger.
“We have been insulted and denied an existence (as a legitimate organisation) as if we are not Malaysians.
“We know we are small, but as citizens, we have rights.
“So, to those who accuse us of being racists, they can go to hell. I don’t care  ,” he said in his opening speech at the Wilayah Persekutuan Perkasa Malay Congress in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, today.
He said he was once referred to as the “king of frogs” as he kept jumping parties, but now, “the title has gone to others”, eliciting laughter from the crowd.
Ibrahim said no one deemed groups like Hindraf or Dong Zong as “racist” for championing the rights of the Indian and Chinese communities in the country.
“Hindraf, in pursuing their demands, have taken them abroad, and in the end, the government gave in. They (Hindraf) were not called ‘racist’, but (as for) Perkasa, they say we are racist.”
Comparing Perkasa with such groups, he said it only spoke up for Malay rights that were enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
“Why do you want to touch on the (issue of) scholarships for Malays? It’s our right.
“And, is it wrong for us to talk about our race? Our religion? It’s in the social contract.
“We are only defending the rights as stated in government policies. The same leaders who criticise us do not do the same to non-Bumiputera groups.”
He was referring to those on both sides of the political divide, as well as groups like G25, which have slammed Perkasa for being “loud” in voicing out its concerns relating to Malay rights and Islam.
“Well, go ahead. We are not hurt even a bit. We are not a political party. We have nothing to lose.  ”
The congress is part of the Perkasa roadshow aimed at discussing issues of Malay interest, and has been conducted in Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Negri Sembilan.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com


Masanya sudah tiba…the time has come to write of things that matters. Of things that moves you and me….of things that will make or break what future we will leave for our children and their children….to talk of what awaits what time we have left in this physical world that we now live in.
There are too many of you out there for me to even begin to think that I can have an idea of what matters to any of you. Too many of you out there for me to even begin to second guess, assume or have the arrogance to think I know what you all are thinking ….and I am too much of a realist to think that we are all of one mind. So I will do what I know best to do….share with you my thoughts, my druthers and my hope for the times that are ahead…..and more in line with the first lines of this posting….I want to write about the things that really matters.
Apart from my family and the need to provide for them a roof over their head and their daily bread…and of course to live life as I think it is to be lived….my waking hours are consumed by what is happening in K Hell. Not with what I left behind in K Hell….the remains of my parents buried many many years ago in Jalan Ampang (though they are always in my thought) in front of what used to be the Le Coq Dor restaurant, not of my two brothers and a sister, not too much of my relatives, the people, the food and everything else that makes Malaysia the place I once knew and still yearn for in my moments alone…..those things I do think about once in a while….but all those things pale in comparison with what troubles me most.
The state of our nation today.
Not the economic malaise that has clouded the present and future of our nation and our people. Not the troubling under current of racial and religious discord that seems to threaten to boil over any day now. Not even the thought that my classmate and friend, Anwar Ibrahim is now in Sungai Buloh incarcerated for reasons best known to the very people in government who were once together with him in the same political entity we all know as Umno. Though all these things are troubling, they are still secondary to the things that concerns me most.
What then concerns me most?
The thing that troubles me most is that we have a penipu, penyagak, pencuri, penamak  pengkhianat, pengechut, and a self proclaimed Bugis Warrior as prime minister. How has it come to this?
How is it possible for someone like Najib Razak to even be able to enter Putrajaya what more live in that palace in the sky we know as Seri Perdana? How?
That is what is troubling me much too often these days. what does it says about us to allow Najib Razak to be prime minister? What does it says about our values, about our expectations of our leaders to have allowed this man to be prime minister of our beloved Malaysia? At the least you must, like me, accept personal blame and responsibility for allowing this to happen. Blaming Mahathir is too easy a thing to do though an argument can be made that he is in part responsible for the mess that we are now in.
No my friends I will do what most of you may find it hard to do. I will take some responsibility for allowing a  penipu, penyagak, penucuri, penamak  pengkhianat, pengechut and a self proclaimed Bugis Warrior as my prime minister…and having taken that responsibility I will do what I can do to try and change things….write. But that is only “some” of the responsibility….you must join me in taking “some” of the other responsibility…..as Tun Dr Mahathir has done…as those who are now within Pakatan Harapan has done. Stand up erect, one hand help high to warn Najib that we have had enough of him  and the other with a stone hidden quietly and softly away should Najib will do to us what he has done to our brothers and sisters who have been courageous enough to stand up and be counted in their opposition to him.
Now what is next…now that we are united under Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang….united in memory of our departed heroes….Karpal Singh and aruah Tok Guru Nik Aziz..what is next?
You go do what you can. What you think you cannot do….you must still try. Try to have the courage to stand against Najib even if PDRM threatens to beat you senseless. Try to make your voice heard through any means possible even as our friends are being taken to court for insulting Najib and threatening to overthrow this insidious BN regime under Najib Razak…..even as Rafizi and others are being prosecuted and persecuted for doing so.
And as I have said….I will write.
Najib may be many things…a penipu, penyagak, penucuri, penamak  pengkhianat, pengechut and a self proclaimed Bugis Warrior….but he is not stupid. He knows that there is a tidal wave bearing down on him as PRU14 inevitably nears. He knows that the contempt and hatred we feel towards him and his wife is real and palpable. He knows that with every passing day the opposition against him, against the Umno and BN that he leads is real and suffocating so much so that he is beginning to choke…and he knows that it is no longer a matter of “if” but “when” he will have to face his “Waterloo” alone and naked sans all that he has now …..because all that he has now will, like the proverbial rats fleeing a sinking ship…will disappear the moment Najib blinks!

You can be assured that Najib Razak understands what he hs is facing going into PRU14. Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Kit Siang are only the manifestation of the peoples hatred and contempt for Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor. Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Kit Siang cannot be where they are now ( leaders of an opposition against Najib Razak and the BN he leads) without the support of the people of Malaysia. If they do not have the numbers to make change happens….if the electorate are not ready for change and need leaders to focus and make palpable their desire and aspiration for change to happen…then Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang will not have Pakatan Harapan. They will not dare to think that they will take government in Putrajaya after PRU14. They know this, we know this and Najib Razak and Rosmah knows this!
And so the battle lines are drawn and as Najib Razak has said….nothing is sacred anymore.
And so we must armed ourselves with “anything that is not sacred” anymore. And what is not sacred anymore? You guess is as good as mine…but to me, what it means is simply this:
Do not turn the other cheek anymore!
Anwar Ibrahim never did. Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng never did….and you know that Tun Dr Mahathir never ever did. And all those in Pakatan Harapan and with Pakatan Harapan must also no longer turn the other cheek to Najib and all that he represents : the corruption, the arrogance and the filth and shit that Umno and BN has now become….and putting a monkey call Isa in charge of the FGV banana plantation is, but just another one of those evolving putrid corruption scam that Najib indulges in time and time again.
Masanya sudah tiba for all of us to do what we can and what we must, to rid ourselves, our people and our country of this penipu, penyagak, penucuri, penamak  pengkhianat, pengechut, and a self proclaimed Bugis Warrior who dares to call himself prime minister of our country. Even as I write this I know that Najib is wetting himself thinking of the fate that will befall him and Rosmah when PRU14 is over. His only consolation is that he thinks there is enough greed in Umno, BN, the Attorney General, that tweet of an IGP and  the many many Malaysians who still have their hand out for more dedak…..Najib thinks that their greed will save the day for him. Well here is the thing about greed….
And nobody else knows this better than Najib and wife, Rosmah Mansor!
So hold on to what you have….that unshakable maxim that in the end good will prevail over evil, that the truth shall prevail and that most telling of all things….God is great….and though we may call him by different names…in the end, HIS will shall prevail. 
I am one. With you we are two….who else will join us?
– http://steadyaku-steadyaku-husseinhamid.blogspot.my


Malaysia is disappointed with close neighbour Singapore for launching offshore ringgit futures that could derail its efforts to stem ringgit speculation.
ALTHOUGH the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and the republic’s Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) launched the ringgit futures trade last month, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) chose to proteÁst against this unfriendly move on Aug 9 – Singapore’s national day.
The choice of the date by the Malaysian central bank speaks volumes. Singapore’s move is likely to derail all efforts by Malaysia to discourage offshore speculation against the ringgit.
In its short statement on Aug 9, the central bank – which had hardly criticised other financial regulators – said:
“The recent introduction of the ringgit futures at the SGX and the ICE Futures Singapore is inconsistent with Malaysia’s foreign exchange administration (FEA) policy and rules.
“The Malaysian ringgit is a non-internationalised currency and thus, offshore trading of the ringgit in any form whether as a non-deliverable forward traded out of offshore financial centres or as a futures, options and other derivative contracts on exchanges outside of Malaysia, is against Malaysia’s policy.”
BNM’s delayed but strong reaction over the trading of ringgit futures is understandable as this offshore trade, if excessively active in the wrong direction for Kuala Lumpur, can cause havoc in the Malaysian economy as seen in the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis.
Bank Negara efforts nullified
It can also nullify all the efforts of BNM to stem speculation or even manipulation of the local currency.
To recap, last November BNM forced currency traders overseas to stop speculating the ringgit down after instructing banks in Malaysia to cease trading the ringgit on the offshore non-deliverable forward (NDF) market.
The offshore NDF market rate had served as an indicator for the ringgit trend. And it was driving the ringgit down, with players betting against the currency.
Late last year, BNM also introduced a requirement for local exporters to convert a minimum of 75% of their export income into ringgit, thus curbing the demand for the US dollar while boosting demand for the ringgit.
All these measures were necessary as the ringgit has since mid-2014 been hit by various kinds of negative news surrounding Malaysia.
Over the past three years, the falling ringgit has had an adverse impact on the economy and investor confidence. It has hit importers, who have to pay more in ringgit to import the same goods from abroad. It has also brought about imported inflation.
The ringgit rate began to weaken in September 2014 when the price of crude oil, a major revenue earner for the country, started to plunge. Since early 2015, the local currency has also been clouded by news on 1MDB and other controversies.
The implemention of BNM’s recent measures has stabilised the ringgit, which has stayed between 4.23 and 4.30 per dollar in recent months. At the height of its weakness last year, it hit 4.49.
Return of nightmare
But the introduction of the MYR/USD and MYR/SGD ringgit futures by Singapore may bring back the nightmare for BNM in managing the ringgit.
Like the NDF market, this futures trades in Singapore can influence the direction of the ringgit. In a worst case scenario, its spot futures could even become the international benchmark for the ringgit forex rate.
Indeed, the emergence of the ringgit futures in Singapore is almost as good as reviving the NDF market.
As most of the futures trades – either transacted for hedging or speculation – do not end up taking delivery of the physical commodity or currency, players harbour no fear that the ringgit is not physically available outside Malaysia as this is not their ultimate aim.
A futures market is one in which participants can buy and sell commodities for future delivery. They can sell the commodities even though they do not possess the commodities. They can choose not to take delivery of the commodity by squaring off their open positions. This is the market that provides a medium for hedging and speculation, or arbitrage.
Hence, if there is excessive speculation by international hedge funds, which are beyond the jurisdiction of Malaysia, BNM’s current international reserves of about US$100bil (RM429bil) would not be able to defend the ringgit.
BNM saw this during the 1997/98 Asian crisis. The fixing of the ringgit at 3.8 to a dollar then was one of the means to overcome the economic crisis.
Despite stronger economic fundamentals, the ringgit is still fragile. Malaysia has every reason to get upset with Singapore for launching the ringgit futures at this time.
Due to the close bilateral relations with Malaysia, Singapore is expected to respect the strategic interest and wishes of its Asean neighbour.
So far (as of Aug 17), SGX and ICE have not responded to BNM’s warnings.
But on the other hand, Malaysia has to take cognisance of the fact that Singapore, as a separate sovereign and important global financial centre, has every right to introduce financial products to widen its offerings.
Indeed from the commercial perspective, Singapore appears to be responding to market demand.
The SGX says on its website in a market update: “SGX introduced new futures contracts on MYR/USD and MYR/SGD on 17 July to address the needs of market participants. The MYR/USD Futures in particular has seen some positive trading activity since launching.”
Need for vigilance
A look at the trading volume of the ringgit futures on ICE and SGX suggests this contract is not posing an immediate threat to Malaysia due to its low trading volume.
It can be deduced that banks operating in Malaysia might not be participants on the SGX after the NDF episode.
And even foreign banks in Malaysia might not be involved for fear of consequences.
Foreign banks, which had speculated against the ringgit in the 1980s, have learnt their lessons. In mid-1986, the country head and treasury chief of an international bank were forced to quit after speculating against the ringgit.
In its Aug 9 statement, BNM took the opportunity to remind market participants to observe the existing FEA rules, which effectively imply that trading the ringgit futures on SGX is illegal for local players.
“Contravention of the FEA is an offence under the Financial Services Act 2013 and Islamic Financial Services Act 2013. Appropriate action under the law will be taken against any person that does not comply with prevailing rules and regulations.”
BNM also advised foreign participants to deal directly with Malaysia’s licensed financial institutions or their appointed overseas office for their ringgit needs.
Still, no one can be sure if BNM’s warning will be heeded by powerful speculative funds which have no link with Malaysia.
Market players can easily sniff out money-making opportunities as long as there is a disparity in the rates of onshore and offshore ringgit.
It looks like Malaysia’s central bank will have no choice but to be vigilant at all times, and be on high alert over ringgit behaviour on the SGX and ICE.