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Friday, March 24, 2017

Team A And Team B Plotting 'Coup de Etat' Inside UMNO ! !

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I received this from someone.

1) Umno is caught up, both in an internal power struggle between team A (led by PM) and B (led by Zahid) plus another “external crisis” to win over the other BN parties especially those from Sarawak and Sabah to support the pro Hudud bill (RUU 355). It does NOT  look likely to be passed through this Parliamentary session (until 6 April).

2) Pas is also facing an internal power struggle (Hadi's position is getting weaker by the day) with many members feeling betrayed by Hadi's close relationship with PM and talks of Pas working together with Umno. Hadi's people (such as Nik Abduh) seem to be losing out in the current divisional elections. Grassroots sentiments in PAS and UMNO seem to be building up against and unfavourably to both presidents.

3) Rumours of Team B taking a stronger position might suggest why Nazri (seems to be an ally for now of team B by his recent attacks against Annuar Musa and Rahman Dahlan of Team A) is keen to having this public debate with Dr M on high profile issues such as 1MDB, which is likely to put more public pressure on PM. This is why that team A seems to be against this public debate.

4) One possible outcome on RUU 355 is for PM to quietly abandon it and let Team B "carry the baby" and take the blame for the failure. Zahid of Team B had been tasked by Najib to promote it, even suggesting that the government would take over the bill.

5) Heard that “big mama” is now in charge of a strategic unit to “take out or neutralize” team B and I_P, who is thought to be with team B now.

6) It would only be a matter of time before the power struggle in Umno leads to an open warfare and it is doubtful that the next GE would be held this year.

7) The decision by China to impose controls on the outflow of funds for the China purchasers of Country Garden project in Johor, is complicating matters and would adversely affect the power struggle in Johor between PM and MB there, who may be backed by the S there.

8) If RUU 355 is debated and does not get passed, then PM and Hadi are in big trouble. If it is quietly dropped or not brought up for first reading for this Parliamentary session, which is most likely the case, then PM can save face and blame Zahid and others for it but Hadi may be in trouble and may not survive a leadership challenge in Pas.

9) Sultan of Perak’s recent statement about the independence of judges seems to suggest that the judiciary should not be subservient to the executive (PM) and must be prepared to stand up against political interference. Another sign that the rulers might not be happy with what’s happening now.

10) Interesting times ahead, look out for further signs of the power struggle. For example, let’s see if Team A is going to stop the public debate between Nazri and Dr M, now scheduled on 7 April at Dewan Karangkraf  (Sinar Harian hq) in Shah Alam.

My comments :  Kepada Ahli MT UMNO, Zahid, Hisham please be serious. You really cannot expect UMNO to survive the next GE14. Even if you win, the win will be super, razor thin. You will definitely lose more States. Kedah, Terengganu are sure goners. Perak might go too - only two seat majority in Perak. 

Sabah might fall to the Opposition. Worse, Johor and Negeri Sembilan may see serious gains by the Opposition. 

The cure for all these problems (for now) is just tell Najib and wife to leave.  Such a simple cure. Just one individual person has to exit. Take his garbage with him. Problem solved.

Do you seriously expect to face the GE14 with Najib heading the gomen?  

Cabinet did not discuss shariah amendments bill, says Liow

MCA president holds meeting on the proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Juris­dic­tion) Act, now to be tabled by the government, with MCA and Chinese association leaders.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet did not discuss the proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Juris­dic­tion) Act, or RUU 355 for short, at its meeting yesterday.
Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai was quoted by The Star as saying: “There’s no new development on the RUU 355 bill. It was not brought up in today’s meeting.”
PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had originally tabled it as a Private Member’s bill but, later, the government said it would table the bill instead with some changes.
Hadi’s bill seeks to increase the punishment to 30 years jail, a fine of up to RM100,000 and up to 100 strokes of the cane.
The MCA president said: “MCA has already engaged the Chinese community and we have made our views known to the prime minister (Najib Razak) on the issue.
“We are against the RUU 355 bill which is proposed by Hadi as it goes against the spirit of the Federal Constitution.”
The report said Liow later had a private meeting at his office to discuss the RUU 355 issue. Those who attended included MCA heads and Chinese association leaders.
Among the Chinese associations present were the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Indus­try of Malaysia, Federation of Hokkien Associations Malaysia and the Federation of Chinese Associa­tions Malaysia.
Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had said the government, not Hadi, would be tabling the RUU 355 bill in Parliament.
The amendments have been listed seventh in the Order Paper of the current meeting of Parliament. -FMT

Belly dancers brought in to entertain Bangladeshis

These women are made to wear the saree and entertain Bangladeshi men at some entertainment outlets in Kuala Lumpur, says report.
PETALING JAYA: The latest craze among Bangladeshis in Malaysia, it appears, is watching belly dancing. And the women dancers are being brought in from Bangladesh.
Several entertainment joints in Kuala Lumpur have become the scene for belly dancing for Bangladeshis in the country, according to a report in Harian Metro.
The Malay daily reported that women from Bangladesh were being brought in to work as belly dancers at several entertainment outlets in the capital.
These women, aged 20 to 25, were reportedly made to wear the saree and entertain the Bangladeshi men.
Federal Territory Immigration deputy director Mohd Sharulnizam Ismail was quoted as saying:“The women would be paid based on the number of flower garlands they received.”
Last Thursday night, an enforcement team raided two such premises and detained 27 Bangladeshis, including 14 women.
Most of these women had abused their social visit passes or student permits, Sharulnizam told the daily. -FMT

The lawyer who washes dead bodies

SITI Rasidah Abd Radzaz says she has never seen or experienced anything spooky while washing bodies of dead Muslims.
SITI Rasidah Abd Radzaz, 34, washes bodies of dead Muslims to prepare them for burial.
Siti Rasidah says she has bathed about 1,000 bodies, ranging from babies to adults over the years.
But this is not her career; this is not her full-time job. Siti Rasidah is a lawyer by profession.
According to a report in The Sun daily, she used to follow her mother, who worked with the Johor Islamic Religious Council, to assist in funeral processions for Muslim women after completing her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination.
“I started following my mom when I was around 17 years old,” she told The Sun. Today, she has become a Muslim burial expert.
She often posts tips on how to conduct Islamic funeral customs and rituals on Facebook, with a recent post on how to cut “kain kapan”.
Siti said many people were reluctant to bathe dead bodies if the deceased was not part of their family, and that by sharing information she hoped to change this attitude.
She said she had never experienced any spooky incidents while or after bathing dead bodies.
“Maybe it’s because my intention when I handle the bodies is to help and contribute back to society. Furthermore, bathing the corpses is part of “fardu kifayah” in Islam,” she was quoted as saying by The Sun.
Siti was a deputy public prosecutor in Johor from 2008 to 2015. She is now a partner in a law firm. -FMT

Move to allow judges discretion in mandatory death cases

Government to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act so that judges have a choice in sentencing, other than the death sentence, in drug trafficking cases.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 is to be amended to enable judges to use their discretion in meting out sentences, the Dewan Rakyat was told.
This means judges would not have to impose the mandatory death sentence for certain cases under the Act, as is the case now.
The Star quoted Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said as saying: “The Cabinet has agreed to an amendment to Section 39(B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 to include an additional clause to provide discretionary powers to the courts when sentencing, apart from the mandatory death penalty, for drug trafficking.”
The Sun daily quoted her as saying: “This is especially for cases where it is more reasonable for the offender to be given a jail sentence but the existing provisions do not allow for the judge to mete out punishment other than the death sentence.”
Azalina said this in winding up the debate on the motion of thanks on the Royal Address.
According to The Sun daily, Azalina, the de facto law minister, said the Cabinet had come to the decision after a comprehensive study on the death penalty was tabled by Attorney-General Apandi Ali during the Cabinet meeting on March 1.
Azalina said the relevant ministry and agencies would prepare a Cabinet ministers memorandum together with a recommendation to amend the Act for the consideration and approval of the Cabinet.
To a question from Gobind Singh Deo (DAP-Puchong) if a moratorium could be placed on pending cases, Azalina said it was too soon to say as the matter was still at an early stage.
Azalina said according to Prison Department statistics, there were almost 800 prisoners on death row for drug trafficking offences. -FMT


All dictators, all corrupt heads of state, all leaders who abuse and misuse the trust and power vested in them by the people who put them in office, all prime ministers, their wives, family, cohorts and anyone else who are complicit in thieving and robbing the coffers of the nation that they live in….all of them without exception, will eventually be called to account for what they have done. History have told us so!
Why does najib, rosmah, their family and all those b******* in umno and bn think that they willl be the exception?
Do they think that because the IGP, the Attorney General, the Speaker of the House, the CJ and those corrupt Judges, all now takers of dedak….do they think that nothing can touch them? Maybe “now” yes….but that “now” is a relative concept. Maybe today no one can touch them. Maybe this week, nothing will harm them….hell maybe for the next 30 days they can go on their merry way pilfering, scamming, robbing and thieving our nation’s coffers. But what of the time after that? After one month…after they lose the elections? What happens then?
Today already Jho Loh is no longer partying with Paris Hilton.
Reza Aziz is no longer a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio
najib and rosmah no longer see New York as their watering hole.
Yes Sir…things have certainly changed!
But of course they still have their money, their political office and their connections to shield them from the wrath of the people and what is to come their way when real justice do catches up with them. Already many of their cohorts have been convicted and punished for their part in the biggest scam this world has ever known – 1MDB. Already Banks have been indicted, money trials have been traced and their details put onto the public domain and the task of bringing every one of these bastards is a work in progress.
So how soon before najib and rosmah are brought to heel? How long before we see then manacled and incarcerated for being the initiator, mover and driver of this whole 1MDB scam? How soon before they shut up and shiver in fear and trepidation as they begin to understand that maybe, just maybe…..the knock on their door is not another request for more dedak but the harbinger of doom and gloom…the beginning of the inquisition as to what the two of them have done in the name of government. Armageddon!
I can’t tell you when. Mahathir, Kit Siang or Anwar can’t tell you when.
NAJIB RAZAK : RM 2,940,000,000.
But go back to the top of this page and read through that list again. That list that lists out the amount of money pocketed by those b*******.
That list was prepared by the American Department of Justice. Not by the VVIP Raja Bomoh. Not by the tweet of an IGP or the devious Malaysian Attorney General. It was prepared by the American Department of Justice. That Department don’t main main! They are answerable to the people of the United States and if you or me wants to question them about the list – we too can do so!
The US DOJ will begin the real work to prove all that soon. Very very soon. Reza Aziz is hiding behind rosmah’s skirt…and thank God she has a big butt for him to hide behind. Where will najib hide? Behind her skirt too? He can try but even the biggest butt in Malaysia cannot hide the billions taken from 1MDB. And whose butt will rosmah hide behind?
Let the games begin!
– http://steadyaku-steadyaku-husseinhamid.blogspot.my

'Gender is not what is between your legs'

Gender, defined by the World Health Organisation as the socially constructed characteristics of women and men, is not to be confused with sex.
Gender is performed through ways such as mannerisms and attire, in accordance with gender roles, usually either masculine or feminine, prescribed by society.
Sex, however, is determined biologically by chromosomes and reproductive organs.
Apart from the conventional categories of male and female, many may be identified as transgender, bi-gender - or even their gender may be questioned.
As with many places, gender is a socially and judicially contested concept in Malaysia.
In November 2014, three transgender women applied for judicial review under Section 66 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Enactment, which criminalises cross-dressing among Muslims.
The Court of Appeal held that the section was unconstitutional and thus void. This decision was overturned by the Federal Court, less than a year later.
In a separate case, the High Court in Kuala Lumpur ruled in August 2016 that a transgender man could have his gender changed to male on his identification card.
The judge ruled that the applicant had a constitutional right to live with dignity as a male and should thus be legally accorded judicial recognition as a male. However, in January this year, the Court of Appeal overturned this verdict.
A transgender woman speaks to Humans of Kuala Lumpur about her living experience:
"Society does not have issues with me being a transwoman. Unless I dress sexily, or flirt outrageously, then I am creating problems in society but if most of us blend in and mingle freely with everyone, then it shouldn’t really be an issue.
"I have to take female hormones because I want to be a woman. I already am mentally - and that is where gender is located.
"Gender is not located in between your legs… Even for transmen, those who are female and become male (physically) have to take testosterone.
"They have beards and the butt will shrink - some do a mastectomy and remove their breasts too.
"When I produce my identity card my name will be Ali bin Abu (not her real name), yet I am like this (female-looking).
"When they call me Encik Ali, I present myself and they ask me, 'Is this you?', because the name here says Ali bin Abu, and a male.
"Gender is a concept that is fluid and cannot be dictated by what is between your legs.
"I am proudly a woman and I believe that people should call you as you wish to be called, even if your identity card says otherwise."- Mkini