Friday, August 22, 2014

VIRAL FOOTAGE: Three lions FIGHT giant crocodile for carcass of dead elephant

VIRAL FOOTAGE: Three lions FIGHT giant crocodile for carcass of dead elephant
This is nature in the raw, tooth and claw.
A crocodile and three hungry lions have spotted the carcass of a dead elephant at exactly the same time.
At first, there appears to be a Mexican stand-off as the two species weigh up their relative strengths and weaknesses.
Obviously the crocodile's fearsome jaws are a problem for the lions but they themselves have powerful teeth and claws... and there are three of them.
With dinner at stake, a fearsome battle breaks out and here, out in the wild, there are no prisoners.
This rare footage was shot in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya and uploaded onto YouTube by the video's owner Kai Banks.
Taking the plunge: The fight begins
The chief protagonists are the young male lion and the Nile crocodile but the other two lions jump in whenever the fight starts going.
Despite the odds, the croc does not give in easy. After all its has been around for over 250 million years, it's fought and outlived dinosaurs and its cold, reptilian nature does not know fear.
It puts up such a good fight that it appears to win Round One with the lions backing off a little to lick their wounds, one with blood on its leg.
But the second round, shown in a slow-motion succession of still shots, ends in victory for the lions after they tire the croc by continually biting and clawing it from all angles.
The reptile, tired and with bites to its body, tail and even its webbed feet, retreats injured but, hopefully, to fight another day.
Meanwhile the lions descend on the elephant carcass and enjoy a victory feast ... and life goes on as normal under a vast African sky.  -Mirror.co.uk

Sex-blogger Alvin’s bail REVOKED

KUALA LUMPUR - The Sessions Court today revoked sex-blogger Alvin Tan Jye Yee's RM20,000 bail after he
failed twice to return his passport. Judge Abdul Rashid Daud made the order after ruling that the
explanations by Tan's two bailors on their failure to ensure Tan abide by bail conditions were not satisfactory.
Tan's bailors Loo Ching Ching and All Kim Lian, who is also his mother, were ordered to show cause today why the bail should not be revoked.
Tan and his girlfriend Vivian Lee May Ling had their passports temporarily returned on May 12 so the
couple could go to Singapore to film a documentary about their life.
Sessions Court judge Rashid had issued an arrest warrant against Tan on June 13 when he failed to turn
up for that day's mention to return his passport.
Tan also failed to turn up for mention on July 18.
Tan, 26, and Lee, 25, were charged on July 18 last year with:
UPLOADING a picture of them eating "bak kut teh" (a pork soup dish)
with the caption "Selamat Berbuka Puasa with bak kut teh", which was likely to stir inter-faith conflict, at a
restaurant in Dang Wangi on July 11 and 12 last year;
PUBLISHING inciting content, namely the same picture and caption, on their Facebook account;
POSTING pornographic pictures on their now-defunct sex blog between July 6 and 7 last year at the same
The Court of Appeal on April 21 allowed the bloggers' application to
strike out the second charge involving stirring of hostility between religions. -NST


Azrul Azwar Police Report

The people inside the crisis


This is what my friends inside the Selangor crisis are saying to me.  To me THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. One can play politic but do no make a mincemeat out of one's dignity.  Today it is MB Khalid tomorrow another victim will be single out.

I wanted PAS to do the right thing even though I knew certain PAS members were offered millions and projects in return for their support for Kak Wan and Azmin Ali.

DAP played a bigger role in this crisis but they were clever enough not to be seen pulling the ropes from behind to their advantage. They knew that this crisis should be seen as a Malay against a Malay.  Since 13th May 1969, DAP has learnt when to fan and when not to fan the fire by hiding their hands.

MB Khalid was naive to think that Selangor is like a corporation where profit is to be make.  He was naive thinking that as a Menteri Besar it is his duty to ensure that the money is properly utilize.  He was also naive thinking that the people whom he helped since 1998 were humans.  Today HE LEARNT HIS LESSON.

My friends inside the crisis said that this was the best opportunity not only to grab the Selangor assets but also to kill off Anwar, Kak Wan and Nurul from the political scene.

Now isn't that nice.

Remember this when Sultan of Selangor comes home tomorrow.

DAP         -  dapat
PAS          -  pau
PKR         -  pergi keluar ramai-ramai

Tiada bendera separuh tiang untuk wira Lahad Datu?

Keluhan dari BALU Pewira Lahad Datu.

Kenapa begitu hebatnya kerajaan menyanjung ketibaan Mangsa Pesawat MH17.  

Kenapa tidak kepada suami kami yang terkorban semasa Pertempuran di Lahad Datu dulu.  

Adakah mangsa pesawat MH17 lebih PERWIRA dari suami kami? ohhh Negara.....adilkah ini.

Malaysia Tanah Airku...

Copy paste dri.group wassap komando malaysia. Utk renungan bersama


Nukilan hati seorang perajurit..!! 

Istiadat Penghormatn Negara terhadap mangsa trajedi MH17..khdirn DYM Agong, PM & Menteri Kebinet..dan siap berkabung sluruh rakyt malaysia..

Siapa dn apakah smua pnumpng rakyt mlysia yg terlibt dlm nahas tersebut seorg wira dn pahlawan negara yg terkorban sama sperti psukn keselamatn yg gugur dalam misi luar negara yang terkorban di Bosnia  & Herzegovina..???

Adakah istiadat penghormatan negara diadakan sama seperti wira- wira pahlawan yg gugur dalam tragedi pencerobohan yg di Lahad Datu demi mempertahankan kedaulatan Negara..!!!sama2 kite fikir-fikirkan dn renung- renungkan...!!!!����������

At 40,000ft, MAS steward began 'massaging her legs and later put his hand down her pants' - reveals sex assault victim

Three hours into the half-full flight to Paris, Laura Bushney, 26, said Mohd Rosli Bin Ab Karim sat beside her and allegedly began massaging her legs under the guise of "comforting her" and later put his hand down her pants.

She told Sunday Night, in an interview to air this week, she was terrified when the 54-year-old steward allegedly began touching her, but was "frozen in panic".
"I just keep saying why didn’t I scream, why didn’t I shout? Why didn’t I stop it? I am a strong person because I can do that, I know I can."
"When I was in the moment I couldn’t. I felt so scared, so petrified," Ms Bushney said.
However, Ms Bushney recorded the alleged incident on the mobile phone wrapped in a scarf next to her pillow.
Rosli, who is married with two children, has since made admissions to police.
In the recording she can be heard whispering what Rosli was doing to her.
"He's massaging my legs," she can be heard saying.
"I'm so scared, I just want to get off this plane."
After the passenger sitting in front of Ms Bushney, Canadian Sophie Lachance, 23, insisted Ms Bushney report what happened, the flight crew sat her down with the steward again.
Canadian passenger Sophie Lachance
Canadian passenger Sophie Lachance
She also filmed this confrontation, in which Rosli can be seen pleading with her and saying his "intentions were good".
Ms Bushney made a formal complaint to police after touchdown at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, saying she had told crew at the beginning of the flight about her apprehension of flying with the airline in the wake of the two disasters, and Rosli had taken advantage of her vulnerability.
Malaysia Airlines has responded with a public statement but has not contacted Ms Bushney or offered any counseling or compensation.
"Malaysia Airlines can confirm that following allegations by a passenger travelling on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris on 4th August 2014 of inappropriate sexual behaviour by a member of the cabin crew, the member of staff in question has been detained for questioning by the French police."
"Malaysia Airlines expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously." -au.news.yahoo.com