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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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KUALA LUMPUR – Harga RON95 diramal boleh mencecah RM2.50 seliter dalam masa beberapa minggu lagi.
Ahli Parlimen Pandan, Rafizi Ramli berkata, perkara itu tidak mustahil sekiranya harga minyak mentah dunia mencecah AS$64 setong.
“Harga pada hari ini ialah AS$62.16 setong dan bulan ini, minyak mentah pernah mencecah AS$64 setong. Sekiranya harga minyak mentah dunia menurun tetapi ringgit masih tidak mengukuh, ia masih lagi akan hasilkan harga RON95 pada RM2.50 seliter.
“Ini bermakna, prospek harga RON95 semahal RM2.50 seliter bukanlah main-main dan boleh berlaku minggu depan,” katanya dalam sidang media, di Parlimen hari ini.
Semalam, Kementerian Kewangan dalam satu kenyataan berkata, kerajaan akan mengenal pasti langkah bersesuaian bagi mengurangkan impak kenaikan harga minyak mentah dunia sekiranya harga runcit produk RON95 dan diesel melebihi RM2.50 seliter secara berterusan selama tiga bulan.
Minggu lalu, harga runcit mingguan bagi petrol RON95 meningkat tujuh sen, menjadikannya RM2.38 seliter.
Kenaikan itu adalah yang tertinggi sejak mekanisme penetapan harga mingguan diperkenalkan.
Mengulas lanjut, Rafizi berkata, kerajaan sepatutnya membatalkan syarat harga RON95 mesti melebihi RM2.50 seliter untuk tiga bulan berturut-turut.
“Walaupun kerajaan seolah-olah sedia memberikan kembali subsidi, helahnya besar kemungkinan ia tidak akan berlaku. Ini kerana untuk mengekalkan harga minyak melebihi AS$64 setong secara berterusan selama tiga bulan, satu krisis dunia yang besar telah pun berlaku.
“Malah, walaupun harga minyak mentah kekal melebihi AS$64 setong selama tiga bulan berturut-turut, kerajaan telah mengutip RM4.2 bilion sejak 1 Januari 2017 sebelum memulangkan sedikit dalam bentuk subsidi,” katanya.
– Sinar Harian


The correct quote should be “It Is Not That I Love Caesar Any Less, It Is That I Love Rome More !”.   That is what  humongo-Anwar-crony Zahid Hamidi said when Anwar was kicked out of UMNO in 1998. 
Here is an interesting picture.  Zahid visited Anwar in hospital as well.
Well Kepala Bapak and Zahid have visited Anwar Ibrahim in hospital. The fact is Anwar is still a prisoner, under the care of the prison authorities. He is not just a patient in a hospital. To visit a prisoner who is in hospital, you still need the approval of the Prisons Department or the Ministry of  Home Affairs.
If Kepala Bapak and Zahid can visit Anwar in hospital, then others should also be allowed to visit him especially all the PKR people. I am sure Sivarasa, Latheefah, Tian Chua etc would like to visit Anwar in hospital  as well.
If they are denied, then it is proof enough that Kepala Bapak and Zahid’s visit was not just any ordinary visit but a special visit to cut a deal with Anwar.
Talk is Anwar will be pardoned (AFTER the elections). 
But no possibility of Anwar becoming PM. 
Wan Azizah will also retire. 
Nurul Izzah will be made a Cabinet Minister. 
This is just talk ok.
If Kepala Bapak cuts a deal with Anwar, it will NOT backfire on them.   
YES this will help Kepala Bapak win the elections.  
The Malay voters will be less confused.
If Kepala Bapak, Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim appear on the same stage it will be a major show of Malay unity. For the first time in almost 70 years, Malay politics would be united. Just like the time BEFORE Pas split off from UMNO about 70 years ago.   The Malay voter will only see Malay unity.
Pakatan Harapan will be screwed.  
Pakatan Harapan will only have Bersatu, DAP,  Amanah and Warisan. 
In this scenario, the future of the Malays will be totally screwed. 
Totally and completely screwed.
If Kepala Bapak cuts a deal with Anwar, then what happens to the likes of Sivarasa, Latheefah and Tian Chua? Sivarasa and Latheefah will find out that they are just Indians. Tian Chua will find out that he is just a Chinese. 
Indians use daun kari or curry leaves to make their curries. The curry leaf only flavors the curry. It is not eaten. After flavoring the curry, the daun kari is just thrown away. That is the nature of curry leaves.  There was only one person I knew who actually ate the curry leaves.  She was a young Chinese girl.  I too chew and swallow the curry leaves. Nothing goes to waste.
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GEORGE TOWN – The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urged the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) and the Lembaga Pemasaran Pertanian Persekutuan (Fama) to take immediate action to reduce the prices of vegetables, fruits and fish as a study has shown that prices have increased by up to 300% within a week.
CAP president S. M. Mohamed Idris said it was reported on Nov 15, that the increase in prices was due to a shortage of the said items due to the rainy spell over the past weeks.
He said the price of ladies finger had gone up by 100%, from RM6 to RM12; long beans by 65% from RM3.60 to RM6; Sawi from RM3.50 to RM6; brinjal from (RM1.80 to RM4.50); tomato (RM3.50 to RM5); daun bawang (RM3 to RM12) and daun sup (RM3 to RM11).
“Since the rainy spell has not eased, Malaysia need to stop exporting fish and vegetables to other countries and instead serve the local demand until the rainy season is over,” he said in a statement here today.
Mohamed Idris also urged the KPDNKK enforcement unit to investigate the sharp rise in prices as the increase in prices has resulted in hardship to the poor and low income group.
“CAP has repeatedly urged Fama to control the marketing and distribution of vegetables but our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Rising prices can have a serious effect in the diet of the low income group as food intake will be compromised due to the increase in prices of such products,” he said.
— Bernama


PUTRAJAYA’S recent announcement that it will intervene to lessen the impact of rising fuel prices is proof that Prime Minister Najib Razak admits to the suitability of Pakatan Harapan’s proposed targeted fuel subsidy model, said PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli.
Rafizi said Najib’s U-turn on the issue of fuel subsidies was proof that the economic model mooted by PH, which would reintroduce fuel subsidies for low-income earners, was the right move.
“I am the most satisfied person with the decision because finally, Najib has put aside his ego and political importance to admit that a subsidisation method which is carried out with a ceiling price has to be implemented, ” he said in press conference at Parliament today.
The Pandan MP explained how easy it was to reduce fuel prices, but this was never acknowledged by Najib.
“My calculations show that when global crude oil prices reach US$64 per barrel, the formula used by Najib’s administration will set RON95 at RM2.50 per litre.
“The price (for crude oil) today is US$62.16 per barrel, and in this month, crude oil prices reached US$64.27 per barrel.
“This means the prospect of RON95 being RM2.50 a litre is not something unusual and can happen in the coming weeks.”
He said for an average US$1 increase per barrel, 40% of the increase would be paid directly to the federal government in terms of royalty, petroleum tax and others, excluding profits from Petronas, and other taxes and paid dividends.
Rafizi criticised the abolishment of the subsidy, saying it was equivalent to the federal government taking all the profits from the fuel price increase, whereby all the excess income from the price hike was not returned in the form of a fuel subsidy for the public.
“The excuse that the profit made is returned in the form of BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Aid) is not applicable because the same excuse was used to explain why GST (goods and services tax) had to be implemented.
“To me, what was paid as BR1M was through GST, and the profit gained from the increase in fuel prices should have been returned (to the public) in the form of a fuel subsidy.”
He estimated that Najib’s administration had gained excess income amounting to RM2.5 billion due to the increase in global crude oil prices.
He expressed his disagreement with the statement by Putrajaya yesterday, saying he did not believe that the government would give a fuel subsidy and keep the ceiling price of RON95 at RM2.50.
“Each time the price of RON95 dips to below RM2.50 per litre, although it has been above RM2.50 in previous weeks, it will ‘reset’ the calculation for the three consecutive months, and will allow Najib to keep more excess income without returning a single sen in fuel subsidy.  
Rafizi urged the government to cancel the requirement for RON95 to cost more than RM2.50 per litre for three consecutive months before it would step in, and instead, introduce a ceiling price of RM2.30 per litre.
He said the weekly subsidy could be funded by using the annual amount of GST collected on RON97, which is approximately RM68 million, to reduce the prices of RON95 and fuel to below RM2.30 per litre.
He said the excess income gained from the increase in global crude oil prices, estimated at RM2.5 billion, could also be used to pay for the RM47 million needed a week to to maintain the ceiling price of RM2.30 per litre.
RON95 and RON97 are currently priced at RM2.38 and RM2.66 per litre, respectively, while diesel is retailing at RM2.25 per litre.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com


PUTRAJAYA: The Higher Education Ministry has imposed on the opening of new campus by local or foreign universities said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.
“No more building or opening of new campus,” he told reporters when asked about the number of foreign universities that have opened campuses in Malaysia this year, after celebrating the success of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia which was announced as the International University of The Year by Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018, here today.
Idris said the Higher Education Ministry had decided to impose the moratorium because there were enough universities and colleges in the country.
“Only if you are the top 100 in the world, we (the ministry) are willing to consider. Or if you can convince the Cabinet,” he said adding that there are 400 private colleges and universities in the country.
Despite the moratorium, Idris was optimistic that Malaysia was on the right track to be the regional hub of higher education with 200,000 foreign students by the year 2020.
He said the target was achievable as Malaysia had been the choice of students from many countries especially in student exchange programmes and transfer programmes.
For example, he said, the students from Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom who transferred to the Heriot-Watt University Malaysia campus increased from 30 students last year to 80 students who would be arriving in January.
Idris said the Ministry of Higher Education was mulling the possibility of collaborating with Heriot-Watt University for students from local public universities to spend one semester at Heriot Watt University Malaysia campus.
For a start, the collaboration will involve Heriot-Watt and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
“Such collaboration aims to give exposure of foreign universities to the local students and improve their English. The fee structure will be made affordable to the local students,” he added.
Meanwhile, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia chief executive officer Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi said Heriot-Watt’s success as the International University of the Year was due to its Go Global programme which allowed its students from any of its three campus in Scotland, Dubai or Malaysia to transfer as long as their programme was offered at their campus of choice.
— Bernama


KUCHING — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak stressed today that Malaysia has to adjust its policies or else it will lose its competitive edge and be overtaken by other countries.
“We cannot, and must not, allow that. We knew that if we are to achieve our goal of becoming a high-income status nation by 2020, we had to make changes.
“That is true leadership,” he said at the opening of the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching here today.
The prime minister cited the Economic Transformation Programmes, implemented in 2010, as an example of a change which has brought 2.26 million jobs, raised Gross National Income by nearly 50 per cent, kept inflation and unemployment rates low, and put Malaysia on the path to reducing the deficit from 6.7 per cent in 2009 to 3 per cent this year.
He said that even though Malaysia has registered years of healthy growth — with the third quarter GDP growth coming in at 6.2 per cent this year — Malaysia cannot stand still.
Najib said that in order to face the disruptive changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Malaysia’s education system must be revamped to prepare for what will swiftly be a different world.
“We must equip our young people with higher order thinking skills, so that they are open-minded, creative and innovative, and ready to adapt to the jobs that are not yet even in existence today,” he said.
The prime minister said sadly, much of the Muslim world lack the right kind of quality education.
“Indeed, there is a vast amount of people who do not even have access to basic necessities, like water, healthcare and even basic education,” he said.
Najib also took a swipe at the Opposition for objecting to the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
He said those in the Opposition who claim that they want to get rid of GST are deceiving the people and are deploying fantasy economics.
“We knew it would not be popular but it would have been irresponsible not to have brought in GST,” he said.
Najib also hit out at former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for trying to force disruptive changes.
“Don’t worry, Sarawak is not for him,” he said.


MELAKA – A man claiming to be an aide to Batu MP Tian Chua allegedly forged an authorisation letter to peddle fake memberships and emblems relating to a non-governmental association (NGO), led by individuals with royal lineage.
The man has distributed name-cards describing himself as an aide to the MP and also the ex-aide of the Selangor mentri besar, and is believed to be the frontman for a syndicate.
However, Tian Chua denied the man’s claims.
The man has reportedly received money from several individuals as “registration fees” for membership in the association, known as Pertu­buhan Kerabat Perdana Malaysia or Federation of Royal International GKP.
“We learned that some luxury cars in northern states have the emblems affixed to their registration plates.
“We also received word from a reliable source that flamboyant events like yacht cruises were orga­nised by misusing our association’s name.
“We also obtained a list of receipts where several transactions amounting to RM5,000 each were banked into an account under the name ‘Batu Jinjang Service’ since early this year,” he said.

Tunku Maulay also provided The Star with pictures of several cars that had the emblems affixed, as well as pictures of a recent yacht cruise apparently organised by the syndicate in Penang.
Yesterday, The Star reported that the NGO’s core committee, compri­sing the descendants of royalty throughout the country, decided to dissolve the association after the cheating came to light in August.
Tunku Maulay said the information was provided by a former vo­lunteer who hoped that action could be taken against the culprits for deceiving the public and smearing the good name of the organisation, which was registered with the Registrar of Societies two years ago.
Tunku Maulay said the objective of the NGO was to provide humanitarian services.
“We have decided to dissolve the association once we have cleared our name in this mess caused by the syndicate,” he said.
Tunku Maulay lodged a police report in Seremban on Sept 6 after obtaining information that several individuals had fallen victim to the syndicate.
It is learned that the investigation is being carried out by police from Kuala Lumpur.
He also clarified that the NGO does not even have its own bank account, and its expenses are borne by the committee members themselves, without any external financial help.
The Facebook page managed by the syndicate claims that those who sign up as members can get “favours” and “government assistance” as well as free training in handling firearms.
There are also pictures of members who registered with the syndicate doing charity work at old folk’s homes and orphanages.
Tian Chua said the man implica­ted in a police report “came to us as a volunteer during the 2013 general election”.
“We discovered that he misappropriated funds claiming they were for campaigning purposes, and asked him to leave,” he told The Star when contacted.
“It has been four years since he came to my service centre and I am really upset he is still claiming to be part of my team.”
Tian Chua said he did not even know the man personally.
“I also checked with the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office and found that he never served as an aide to the MB,” he said, adding that he would lodge a police report against the man.
When contacted, police urged victims of the syndicate to come forward as well so that a full investigation can be conducted.


I have been wanting to say something about this for some time but the topic was too hot, the assumptions too wild. I already heard about this some time ago. 
It was only recently that what some OTHER people have been saying has sort of confirmed what I have been hearing. It is all falling in place. 
I have been collecting reference material since then.
First let me quickly get some main points down.
1. The gomen does not know how to  turn around or fix the totally screwed up sekolah kebangsaan education system.  So the gomen has decided to concentrate on only the Top 10% of sekolah kebangsaan and the top 10% of school achievers.  
The rest of the gomen schools can manufacture future Mat Rempits, office messengers and pizza delivery boys. 
2. The Band System is now taking centre stage in the school system. There are FIVE Bands. Band 1 schools are at the top. Band 5 schools are at the bottom.
3. The former “missionary schools” (ACS Ipoh, Bukit Bintang Boys School, the Girls Convents etc) are being slowly wiped out. Some of them have become “Band 5” schools already.
 4. The gomen is treating the boarding schools (sekolah asrama penuh)  just like any other school. Nothing special about them anymore.  (MCKK, MRSM etc are going to be “down-ranked”).
5. The education system will continue to be a place to provide jobs (as school teachers) for the hundreds of thousands of  poorer Malay girls and boys who would otherwise not have a means of earning a decent income.   
Ok those are the MAIN POINTS I want to get across. 
Now lets listen to some important people who have spoken recently about our education system.  First up is HRH Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim,  the Tunku Mahkota of Johor .

country’s level of education will remain below par
easier to obtain votes, manipulate “stupid and uneducated”
Tunku Ismail says he was told by a certain important person recently.
  1. Tunku Ismail revealed shocking answer
  2.  I questioned certain important individual
  3. “Why can’t we improve education?”
  4. individual answered it was two simple reasons, 1st to obtain votes.
  5. 2nd easy to control minds of stupid and uneducated.
  • “I don’t want my people to be easily manipulated” he said
  • by others who “twist and turn truth”
  • distract people from main issues.
My comments :  The above interview with the Tunku Mahkota is dated May 30, 2016.  
The Tunku Mahkota’s views seem to tally with what I have listed down above in the MAIN POINTS. 
A friend who is deeply involved in education told me that about FIVE years ago (2012) he met another senior gomen official (from education)  who said the same things. The five MAIN POINTS above are from that conversation.  The senior gomen official said that this “Education Conspiracy” was hatched about FIVE YEARS earlier ie around 2007. 
The “ketuanan” thinking wants to totally wipe out the old missionary schools.   The “ketuanan” thinking wants to erase any memory that missionary schools exist in Malaysia or that they contributed so much to the country’s prosperity. 
Hence less resources are being channelled to the old missionary schools.  
They are letting them just rot.  
My friend says the Bukit Bintang Boys School in Kuala Lumpur is now a Band 5 school !!  
To give you an idea about Band 5 schools, some Band 5 schools are at a level where the Police may come to school once a week to confiscate drugs and stuff.  That is a Band 5 school. 
My old alma mater the Anglo Chinese School,  Ipoh is now a Band 2 school.  In my time it was a top school.   
So is the oldest English medium school in South East Asia the 201 year old Penang Free School (where I completed my Form 6).  PFS is now also Band 2.
Instead the gomen is focussing on gomen schools like SK Aminuddin Baki, SK Alam Shah, SK Putrajaya and SK Bukit Damansara as Band 1 schools. Band 1 schools get the most experienced teachers, the best headmasters / principals, the best school equipment etc. 
They are also downplaying the old established sekolah berasrama penuh (SBP) or residential school system.  The gomen has discovered (quite correctly though) that the sekolah asrama or residentail school system has unfortunately created a caste system whereby graduates tend to band together and look down upon people who are not from their college or school.  Politics, the Civil Service and the GLCs can become polarised according to the colour of the old school tie.  Ini Melayu punya cerita lah.
Hence my friend says that the Malay College Kuala Kangsar is now graded almost a Band 2 school.  Can you imagine ? MCKK close to becoming a Band 2 school ??
Ok here is some “support” to back up what I am saying:
  • July 17 — only fair Malay-dominated fully residential schools (SBP) be abolished
  • if vernacular schools were to go, Khairy  suggested today.
  • Khairy highlighting complexity of single-stream education system
Well, one way of “killing off” the sekolah asrama penuh is simply by cutting off the supply of money. And that is happening already.   
Here is my friend Ruhanie Ahmad  complaining that Tamil schools are getting the same amount of money as the MARA colleges !! Aiyyoyo !!
“Seig Heil Herr Ruhanie.   Die Nicht-Bumiputra sind unter 
menchen und unter klassen. Ruhanie ├╝ber alles”
Budget 2018 made Bumiputeras 2nd-class citizen
it affords equal opportunities to all races, said Perkasa.
We’ve become 2nd-class citizens
Perkasa cannot accept this.
against Article 153 to provide non-Bumi equal access
govt putting Bumi struggle equal to non-Bumis.
Although not wrong, it is against Article 153 of Constitution
affirmative action policies cannot be same level to other races
  • Ruhanie ex Mara chairman
  • could not accept that funds allocated to MRSM equal to Tamil schools.
only 10 to 12 pupils in the Tamil school.
Bumis should be (getting) more.
My comments : This story is dated 19th November 2017. Ruhanie Ahmad says that MARA colleges are getting the same amount of funds as the Tamil schools.  Since Tamil schools are always considered ‘bottom of the heap’ it simple means that MARA colleges have now been downgraded to Tamil school rank.
As I said, there is a move to down grade the sekolah asrama penuh or residential colleges.  They want to undo the sekolah asrama “caste” system.  
Instead the gomen wants to focus on the top 10% of Malay students who will eventually run the country. They are creating an elitist system. The remaining 90% can become Mat Rempits, office messenger boys and pizza delivery boys. Meaning the ‘free handouts policy’ will continue for a while.  The elite 10% will take the cake and drop the crumbs for the remaining 90% dumbnuts.
In Singapore it is forbidden for Singaporeans to attend “international schools”. International schools in Singapore are only meant for foreign expatriates. Singaporeans can only attend government schools. 
In Malaysia, we went the other way.  Also about 10 years or so ago, the gomen decided to allow private international schools to mushroom in Malaysia. They were allowed to enrol even Malaysians.   
Since international schools are so expensive, only the children of the very rich can afford to attend private international schools.  Many rich Malay kids (and non Malays as well) are enrolled at these very exclusive schools. 
The Marlborough School charges fees of about RM90,000 per year for Form 1 to Form 5. That is almost RM500,000 over five years. More than the cost of a private medical degree in Malaysia.   Eton College is also here. They charge about RM80,000 per year. 
But market talk is that the top international school in Malaysia is the one in Melaka owned by Tan Sri Halim Saad.  
These schools prepare Malaysian students to take the UK GCE O and A levels. Some of them also prepare students for the Singapore ‘O’ Levels.   They are in a different world altogether. 
These schools teach in English. Most importantly the lingua franca outside the classroom is also English. On the football field, in the dorms, in the cafeteria, at school plays etc the kids speak English.  This alone gives them light years’  advantage over the ordinary sekolah kebangsaan kids. 
They will become among the top 10% Malay elite that will rule over the Malay people in the future. The remaining 90% of the Malays will wait for BR1M, listen to the Ostard Wal Retards, watch ulcer-causing Malay dramas on TV3 and shop at the pasar malam and eat at the warongs (since the supermarts are all closing down).  
Now here is another news report, also  from Johore  :
8 of 10 Johoreans want return of English-medium schools in state, survey
survey by Spore’s Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS) 
82% support for English-medium schools across all races 
support strong across all demographic segments, among Malay rural 
in the past were not supportive of maths, science in English
survey released Nov 13 
highest among Indians 88%, Chinese (87%), Malays (77%).
Johor’s preference for English-medium due to success of S’pore
making them more internationally employable
  • strong support from Chinese, Indians for single stream education 
  • if Johor education modelled after S’pore’s English medium system 
  • which was actively promoted by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.
survey conducted in May and June, 2,011 respondents interviewed
1,104 (55% ethnic) Malay,  758 (38%) Chinese, 149 (7%) Indian
My comments : HRH the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar wants a return to the English medium of instruction in Johore’s schools. 
The Sultan and his Crown Prince speak with much wisdom.  
They speak like ordinary folk. 
Indeed if we return to the English medium of instruction, it will be quite easy to have a single stream education. We can do away with not only Chinese  and Tamil schools but we can also do away with the ‘private international schools’.  
When I was in school, Tamil and Chinese schools were only meant for students whose parents were illiterate, stupid or both. Few Chinese went to Chinese schools. Few Indians went to Tamil schools.  Everyone went to the missionary schools and the government English schools. Because the medium of instruction then was in English.
For the bukan orang putih like us, in the 20th and 21st century, with English you can progress very quickly. 
Without English, you only imagine that you have progressed. 
It is called bodoh sombong and katak bawah tempurung.     
My suggestion is that we introduce  strong competition into  the administration of the education system.
Return the missionary schools BACK to the missionaries. Let ACS Ipoh, Kampar, Melaka, Sitiawan etc revert back to the Methodist Church. They have been doing a fantastic job of educating hundreds of thousands of Malaysians in the past.   The country has progressed well because of their education methods.  
Then let the gomen also manage the sekolah kebangsaan, the sekolah asrama etc.  See who does better. Then compete to outdo each other. ‘You shall compete in righteous works’.  
Right now the Malays (largely) are headed to the Club of Doom under the present “ketuanan” system of education. I have different views about the Chinese, Indians and others. 
The gomen should revert back to English not just in Science and Mathematics but in all practical knowledge subjects.   
Singapore is a good example of a society that has progressed very well because of English.  The Philippines will soon be another good example.  
The choice here is betwenn doom and boom. 
Doom as in destruction. 
Boom as in super growth and expansion. 
– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my